Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

Tree Of Life

The Father

In Italy, a woman gets a rosary to symbolize her womanhood at the age of 12. Lucy was taught how to cook and clean better than any married woman could, but now it was offical, now she could brag to her friends that she was a woman. As Lucy was walking to school a man that look like the scarecrow from The Wizard Of Oz stopped and asked her to borrow her new found rosery. He promised to give it back and after 20 minutes of convincing he left with it. He did now know where she lived. She didn't know what she would tell her mother. When Lucy got home she told her mother what happened. Her mother beat her. Lucy went to bed for the night. 1 hour later there was a man with a big straw hat peering through the screen door knocking. Lucy's mother answered. The man gave Lucy's mother the rosery telling her to return it, and to put more faith into her daughter. Lucy's mother agreed. The man turned and left. Lucy's mother watched him vanish into thin air.  There was a witch that lived in their town. And if you were not Catholic you could be considered a devil worshipper. Lucy and her sister Victoria were told by their mother not to talk to the witch. The 2 sisters would only see her at big town party's like Easter, Christmas & New Years and knew that would not be a problem for them, like others in town. A cousin of the family was having problems with his wife. He worked 14 hr days and could not get any rest when coming home after a long days work. His wife was loud and always complained. Divorce is bad and was not an option for him. He got drunk on new years and started conversation with the witch. She told him to bring her something she wears. He brought a scarf. When his wife put it on... She could never talk again, only mouth words. Within 6 months she was dead...     Lucy, Victoria & their mom moved to Toronto and bought houses that were beside eachother. They shared their mother...6 weeks here, 6 weeks there. Their mother was at Lucy's around 9pm one night and did not feel well. She decided to go to bed early. Next door, Victoria was in her basement washing dishes. Her 2 daughters, son & husband were gone out. Door was locked. She heard walking. She turned the water off and yelled hello. She went up to the main floor. The door was still locked. She went upstairs and check the rooms...nothing. She went back to doing the dishes. She heard the walking again. She turned the water off. She heard her china hutch in the dining room open and close. She went upstairs. Everything in the china hutch was neatly placed on the dining room table. The door was locked. She went upstairs. Check her daughter's room, nothing. Her room, nothing. Her son's room had the bed trown to the other side of the room and the money that was under it flying everywhere. She ran down the stair, unlocked the door and went to her sisters to wait for her family to return home. The next day Victoria's family went out... Their mother awoke from Lucy's and came down to the kitchen. She was scarred, she did not feel any better, she had a bad dream. The cousin that went mute came to her saying that her daughter Victoria was gonna get robbed. When Victoria came back with her family, the door was kicked in, the china was gone a long with her songs money. Everything was taken except a gold locket with her cousin's picture init, open on the floor...  

Lucy had a son

My Father

The Mother

Vono was born in San Fransisco in 1920's and shortly after moved to New York City with her mother, father and 2 older sisters.

Her father was a trapeze artist in the Barnum & Bailey Circus that was started by his father.

Her mother and 2 older sisters were performers on Broadway touring with the likes of Bob Hope in the early 1930's.

Vono could not sing or dance so her mother gave her away. She moved to Buffalo and was raised on a farm. She never saw her family again.

All she had was a picture of her father that was stolen from her locker in high school.

Vonno wrote to her sisters. One of her nephews became a great rockstar in the 50's and 60's influencing people like Jimmy Hendrix and having music featured in movies like Pulp Fiction today.

Vono moved to Toronto Canada went to high school here. She met my grandfather here and my mother was the youngest of 6 children.

The Son

I always dreamt of killing my wife.

 People were dying more and more everyday.  

We have had a lot of problems in the last little while and divorce was just not an option. I had to much money, and no prenuptial agreement. My wife was the type of woman that would go for the throat in a court battle and leave you penniless. We loved eachother but, never spending time together made us hate eachother more amd more when we were together.    

I didn't know how to get away with murder. I didn't know what to do...

I was flipping through the classifieds when a ad startled me. It read: "want someone dead? Call the dead removal company." A little chuckle escaped me. I thought that it must be some kind of word error to grab someones attention. Or just a mistake, a misprint. But the add did however have my attention and intrigued me to keep it.   

I thought I'd humor myself and call. 

I picked up the phone and dialed. 

A few rings later an automated messged said, "Welcome to dead removal. Please leave your full name, address, and phone number and someone will get back to you shortly." 

So I did as requested and hung up.

"Hunter Green, 34 Condor Blvd, 416 5150033."

The phone rang. 

I picked up 

But this time their was a ladies voice on the line "Hunter?"

The voice said that if I was serious about their service then they would need the last 4 digits of my SIN#, the last 4 digits of my credit card & where I worked to verify who I was.      

I should let you know that I'm a cop. Im a good cop. I've went through the ranks to sergent by 38 years old. And went back under cover shortly after.

I should also tell you that my job is what i do best and that is why my wife is probably cheating on me. 

"I don't have my credit card with me right now. Could I call you back?"

"Yes sir, you may call us back at this number". 

"Ok, thanx." I said

And hung up. 

My mind was not right

I didn't know who I was anymore

I was more in love with my job...

I loved pretending I was someone else.  

In the game I played I could not be serious about anything else.

 And at some moment The Dead Removal add became my inspiration for both lives I was living because it fed my passion, and fulfilled my craving for having my wife killed, as well as going undercover 

I had to convince the guys that this was a valid investigation to take on. 

And the next day I did. 

I called back The Dead Removal Company, leaving a message with my credit and sin info that was requested. As for my job, I said I was a landscaper. 

I loved doing yard work. 

Planting flowers, digging, mowing, all relaxed me and kept my mind occupied.

I started knocking on neighbours doors volunteering to mow their lawns. In return, I would ask to borrow yard tools. Undercover work is tough. You have to become the part. You cannot act the part to succeed. You got to be thorough and try to be a couple of steps ahead I soon built a tool empire in my shed without leaving a paper trail behind. 

Days later Janet, my wife called me in from from cutting the grass telling me I had a phone call.

I came inside from the hot summer and said hello. 

"Hello Mr.Green, we were wondering if you would like to come in for an interview?"

"An interview for what?"

"...(pause) I'm sorry, we must have the wrong person. Is this Hunter Green?"


"Please call this number and give them this code 0999 please". 


(The phone died)

I couldn't keep them on the line. 

Maybe they knew who I was, which was in itself a double edged sword. Maybe they were testing the waters. Maybe they knew the phone was... tapped? 

I called back,

I typed in 0999 

I heard a click. 

Then a mans voice came on the line that was much more agressive and authoritative. 

"Mr.Hunter, if you want to use this service you must be serious and answer all our questions. Do you understand?


"Are you willing to meet for an interview?"


"You will meet a man named Charlie B @ 3pm @ Rixpin & Dupoint, downtown in The Starbucks on the corner."

Do not be late. 

"I won't"

"Bring your Passport, Drivers Licence, SIN number & the credit card you've given us"

See you then. 

Click (Hang Up)

I woke up early   

I didn't sleep much at all even. 

There was a car outside, waiting.

I had to pretend that I didn't see him. 

I took the subway just to see how far they'd go

They came down after me alright. 

I used the pay phone and called headcourters to make sure my info would check out. 

I said I'd be in touch. 

When I got there not a man but a woman approached me. "Mr.Hunter?"


"I"m Charlie" she said while giggling from my google eyes. 

Charlie was hot. 

She wore a brown skirt that hung upove the knee showing off her white skin. 

I couldn't see it but I new her ass was great. Nice, plump. 

Black high heels 

No stockings. 

Her leg were thick like I like 

She had on a black, tight, thin sweater that advertised her bigger than average breasts. 

Her face was cute

Her hair was cut just below the chin the whole way a round that brought out a tea cup face kinda look. 

She had big brown eyes that were innocent, that were full of life. They smiled at me and sent me a warm rush of something I haven't felt in what seemed like a lifetime. 

"Nice to meet you" 

I took the tip of her hand. 

She had soft, chubby hands, short nails with a French manicure. 

"Do you want anything?" I asked

"I'm gonna get a cafe mocha"

"I got it"

I got up with my eyes not leaving hers. 

 She looked up at me and then away with a light smile that brightened my world. 

As I walked off she started ruffling through a beige leather bag that was on the floor. 

When I got back with the two coffees, I handed her the mocha and she said thanx and smiled again. This smile went into my eyes and touched my soul. 

I look down. 

I saw a camera, a note pad and a voice recorder. 

"Shall we start?" She asked. 

Everything I was came back to me in that instant and her spell broke, shattered. 

She hit the play button of the voice recorder, then grab her note pad and clicked her pen into place. 

"1st Mr.Hunter, you cannot ask any questions until this interview is over, understood?"


How did she get here?

I looked out the window to our left and saw how. 

There was a guy in a gold Toyota Camary that looked new. He wore glasses and was looking in on us, perhaps even listening. 

"What is your full name?"

"Hunter Walter Green"

"How old are you"?


"What year were you born in?"


"What month?"


"What day?"

"The 6th."

"What is your Zodiak sign?"


"Where do you work?"

This may have been thrown at me purposely. The secret is, you tell the truth and you don't think about it. And you wait for the hard questions that you must believe are true, consciously answering them in the same manner. 

"I do lanscaping"

"For what company?"

"I work for myself"

"How much do you make a year?"

"It doesn't matter"

"I'm sorry?"

"It doesn't matter."

"We need to know."

"Landscaping is not how I survive. I do it cause I enjoy doing it. I usually work for free. It takes my mind off a lot of things." which was true. 

"How do you survive."

I leaned forward   


"Do you have investments?"


"What are your investments?"

I leaned forward and grabbed her eyes with mine. 

"My house, and my family."

"What does landscaping take your mind off of?"

"My wife."

"What is wrong with your wife?"

"She doesn't love me."

"What makes you say that?"

"She cheats."

"How do you know?"

"I know."


"She comes home at all hours of the night, she drinks, smells of smoke, we don't have sex, she's always bickering, she even gets violent. Things are different".

"Why don't you get a divorce?"

"Because she will try and take all of my money?". 

"...Have you ever killed somebody?" 


When the interview was over she took a camera out of her bag and took photos of my Passport,

Drivers licence, creadit card and yours truely. She said if everything went well I would be hearing back from them soon. She put everything in her bag and left. 

I never saw her again. 

I walked between to skyscrapers downtown allowing me some comfortable shade. The wind formed a funnel that felt great blowing against my burnt forehead. I found it weird that The Dead Removal Company gave me the address to The National Bank head office. I thought it must be a decoy, another test. 

I fought all morning with my work because I would refuse to wear a wire. 

I didn't like them. 

If you got searched, you were fucked. Wires were one piece of luggage that made me nervous. Somebody needed to invent a wire you could swallow and shit out afterwards. That would work out fine. The police were threatening to pull the plug on the investigation But all this right now were just threats. 

My wife was being nicer the last time we spoke. She seemed there. Her eyes were on me, not somewhere else. I felt her heart from far away. She even addressed me as "honey" when she called me in to take the phone. She looked worried. Maybe she could sense that I was really broken and that I wouldn't fight anymore? That the magic emotional battle had died?Maybe she was scared? I saw her care.  

I arrived at the buildings door and buzzed. There was a camera above the door to the left. The door buzzed back and I opened it. I found the washroom on the lobby floor. I went in and searched for the stall furthest to the far wall. There was someone in there. I could see their black dress shoes. He told me to go to eleventh floor mens washroom and lock the door behind me within the next 5 minutes. Part of me wanted to kick the door down and take him down. Find out what was going on. I turned and went straight for the elevator. I hit the up and one "dinged" open. I jumped in and push 11 followed by the "close button" repeatedly. When the door opened. No one was around. Not a sound. I found the washroom and went in, locking the door behind me. When I walked in I saw three white guys in black clothing.  

"How are you Hunter?"

"Good thanx, and you?"

"We need to search you. Please take off your clothes."

I did as instructed and stripped. 

When I was completely naked one of them said that I would have to take a shower before they would search me. Strategically, floor eleven had showers. 

When they felt I was wet enough they gave me their own change of clothes and said they would return my own before the day was over. I got dressed. 

The tallest of the 3 men came over and said that I must trust them and follow their orders. They assured me that I would not get hurt and I had to stay relaxed while they did what they were about to do to me; so I agreed. The 1st man squeezed one foam ear plug in each hand and lodge one in each ear. Another man approached, pull out a blind stick with the red tip from his leather jacket, unwound the stick and put it in my left hand. "Hold This", he muffled loudly. 

The same man took sunglasses for the blind out of another pocket and put them on me. Once i had these on i went blind. All I could see was black. From there i heard light muffled sounds and squeaks from the ear plugs. And soon after that, someone put DJ headphones on top of my ears and all there was was silence now. One of them took me by the elbow and led me out. 

The walk was long and slow. 

For anyone who was watching I might of looked like a blind man being helped by someone. I was put in a car. A man at each side. We drove for about a half hr. The seats were long, leather, the back seat of a car. The man on my left was bigger than the one on my right. I couldn't lean into him, he was all muscle and much taller than myself. I got out of the car. My elbow was latched with the tall mans. I went through some glass doors and up a few steps. I was inside. I was taken onto an elevator that went up. For how long will this last? I tried to think. This was the hardest thing I've done. I have gone to no bounds in my investigative work to get the information I needed. Whether it be drugs, sex, violence, stealing, lying...anything. But this was thorough. This was something else. I had to stay focused on the prize because I was nearly there. 

I was seated in a office desk chair. 

My blind man stick was taken away. 

My headphones were removed, gently. 

The earplugs pinched out. 

And finally the glasses taken away. 

All I could see was light. I had to close my eyes. As they adjusted I could see a black silhouette of a figure in front of me on the opposite side of a desk. As my eyes adjusted I began to see a man. He had a Mr.Clean bald cut and wore a navy blue suit with a white dress shirt underneath. 

"Cigarette Mr.Hunter?"


"You smoke?"

"After what I've been through today I think I'll have one." "Thanx"

When your undercover you do what they do. Mirroring a subject put puts them at ease. 

"So Mr.Hunter, you want your wife dead?"

"Yes I do."

"The price is 1 million dollars." He said. 

"That is a lot."

"Well, if you wanted a stranger killed the price would be substantially cheaper but, this is your wife we are talking about here. You will be the main suspect Mr.Hunter. With your money we pay the police, lawyers,judges, the DEA and of course, the killer. Everyone gets paid Mr. Hunter. Everyone eats. If someone is left hungry then this operation may not work."

The police are in on this?

Who can I trust?

No one has fucked me yet. 

"The only one that is left hungry is me." I said. "With no money left in my bank account."

A sharks smile escaped his face slowly. "Mr.Hunter, we know how much you have in the bank and how much you are worth." We take 25% now that will bind you to us, meaning, if you try and fuck us around we will keep this money and cut our losses. If we feel the risk is too high then well, we will return money." After the job is done the other 75% will be taken."


"How long will this job take?"

"That depends Mr.Hunter on how much of a risk we have doing your job. It might take a few days or it might take a few months. My advise to you is leave the country on a Holiday. Jobs get done much faster when there is an alibi for the main suspect."

"Are you the killer?"

"Hahahaha! No! No, no, no. The person doing this job you will never meet. 

This was an itch I could never scratch again I am stronger than you because I have to be. There is no comparison. 

Put your mind somewhere else

Because your eyes are fading out. 

I saw the man in his car watching me behind his sun glasses. I pretended I didn't see. I turned and dashed towards the street to his car. He started the car quick and put it in gear. I grabbed his seat belt and wrapped it around his neck to stop him from pulling away. He took off and I would not let go with my feet dragging on the road. He didn't make it 30 feet until his head went back, he gasped and hit the breaks. 

"Who are you?" I asked

All he was doing was gasping for air. 

I wrapped the seatbelt around his neck once more. 

"Why the fuck are you following me?!"

I pull as hard as I could 

I could hear nothing

I felt a snap

His spirit kept fighting but his body went limp

And suddenly there was no struggle. 

I fucking killed this guy

I unwound the seatbelt 

Opened the door 

It took all I had to push him over to the passenger side 

As I got in I saw Mrs.Gennings, the old lady three houses over out on her

starring, concerned. 

I drove 

I drove to the lake

I push the guy next to me on the ground with my right hand as much as I could

I didn't want him to be seen

He looked like man preparing himself for his plane to crash

I got to a wooded area by the water

No one around but the birds

I searched him

His license read John favore

Prolly made up but ill check it out

A coffee card

He prolly put this to good use watching me, the fucker

His infamous sun glasses

A mint

A Kruger hand gun, loaded

I'll keep this for myself

The glove box

Ownership under the same name

Took down the license plate of the car

I took everything

I pulled him out of the car and threw him in the lake

Then thought twice

He was floating 

Went in the lake and grabbed him

Threw him back in the car

Poor guy

It was getting dark

Drove the car to a gas station

In the ghetto part of the city

Went around to the back

Pulled him into the drivers seat

Caught my breath

-I am in this all the way now-

Drove back around to the pump from the passenger seat 

Filled up

Bought a gas can

Filled that up


No cameras

And if there was, fuck it

-I'm in this all the way-

-I've gone too far-

-I'm gonna get in trouble-

Went back to the car

Opened the gas tank

Put the pump in

Got in the car

Ripped his shirt in half

Stuck half in the gas can in the back seat

Lit the end

Started the car and


Ran all the way the fuck home

An hour straight

My heart didn't get tired

On my way I heard the Armageddon behind me

Gas station clerk

Poor guy

But he was dirty

He didn't deserve to die

Nobody does

But the cops were called there almost every day for robberies, drug deals

I got rid of it

"Someone made a nice BBQ of a gas station on Malcom & George."

What happened? I asked

Now sure

The word around that camp fire is some idiot tried filling up with his car on. Took out half the block"


Yea, those niggers got to see some fireworks.  

I typed in lic# L85 612, the license plate I took down 


I typed in John favore


I slammed the desk hard

Shelly, could you search this for fingerprints please? She looked at it.  

What is this for Hunter?

Big investigation. 


Sure Hunter...


I walked over to my desk and sat down. 

"Does anyone one know John Favore?!" I yelled. 

No answer...

"Does anyone ever heard of Dead Removal Company?!"

"No!" "Stop Yelling!"

Steve Thompson my old partner in crime came by my desk. 

"How's it hanging Hunter?"

"Stressing out about this case Steve"

"Leave it alone"

His eyes met mine. 

I felt the room stop

People were watch

Everything in slow motion


"Leave it alone" 

I didn't hear him say it the second time. I just read his lips. And he eyes with authoritative and please. He right hand now planted on my desk, then he left. 

I left the precinct. Got in my car and drove to a parking garage. 

No one was following me this time. 

I drove up to the 4th level where few cars stood parked. 

I called home. 

"Hey you"

Hi baby

Are you ok, I haven't seen you in days?

I'm fine, very busy trying to solve this case. I'll be home soon. 

"This guy from a Removal company keeps calling, it sounds serious". 

Do you want the number?

No, not right now. I gotta go. I was just checking in. 

You ok Hunter?

Yes, in fine. Ill be home soon. 


Tomorrow morning. 

Ok...I love you

Be home soon, bye


I waited till 7pm

He would be getting off soon

-gonna put all your eggs in one basket-

I went to the Thompson residence and waited for Steve's car to come around the corner

It was my turn to follow

He came around and drove up the driveway. 

I got out of my car I went up after him. 

He got out of the car wide eyed and tired. 


I need to know who these people are. 


There're people you can't fuck with

Who are they?

They're the ones who clean up the streets

They have us in their pocket

They're the reason I don't need overtime

"What do you mean?"

I mean, I get an extra$50 a week to listen to the chief when he says not to show up to court

Or to shake someone down ever now and then

-the chief-

An extra $200 a month to put food on the table ain't half bad.